From New Tyres to Wheel Balancing in Sittingbourne | Why Our Customers Choose Us

At Steve’s Tyre Bay, we prioritise customer satisfaction. Tyres represent a key safety component on any vehicle, so you can rest assured that our products meet all necessary requirements while also suiting various budgets. Whether you require part-worn tyres or new tyres, we have an extensive range of options to choose from. Our team also specialises in wheel balancing. We have extensive experience working with motorists in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors – so whether you have a family car or a fleet of lorries that keep your business moving, our tyre fitters can help.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and safety appeal greatly to our many customers in the Sittingbourne area. It comes as no surprise that a significant amount of our business comes in the form of repeat custom. What’s more, most of our new customers approach us for new tyres and part-worn tyres as a result of direct recommendations from friends and family.

Below, we have taken a closer look at why so many motorists in and around Sittingbourne choose Steve’s Tyre Bay as their tyre fitters.

Reasons to Choose Steve’s Tyre Bay


Whether it’s fitting part-worn tyres or new tyres, or performing services like wheel balancing, we have a track record stretching back to our establishment over 35 years ago. Not only does this demonstrate our integrity, honesty and transparency as a business, it also underlines our ability to achieve customer satisfaction on every job we undertake.

Part of Bobbing Breaker’s Yard

Steve’s Tyre Bay is proudly associated with Bobbing Breaker’s Yard. First, this ensures that we always have a huge stock of new tyres and part-worn tyres available, allowing our tyre fitters to meet the needs of practically any vehicle driven into our facility. Second, as a breaker’s yard whose clients include Medway and Kent County Council, we share the same tireless work ethic and commitment to outstanding workmanship as our sister company.

Wheel Balancing

Addressing incorrectly balanced wheels remains essential for motorists in Sittingbourne or any other location. Wheels with incorrect balance produce a vibration that the driver feels through the steering wheel. Naturally, this causes discomfort and a lack of focus on the road. Balance issues can also prematurely wear tyres, steering components and the suspension. By performing a trusted wheel balancing service, we return a smooth driving experience while ensuring you get the best return on the investments you made on your tyres.

eBay Site

For the utmost convenience, we operate an eBay site. We recognise that not everyone in Sittingbourne and the neighbouring areas has the time to visit our tyre fitters facility, so we sell our new and reused products online. We strongly believe in reusing as many components of old vehicles as possible, not just part-worn tyres. From rear lights to wing mirrors to boot lid handles, we sell OEM parts, some of which are becoming increasingly hard to source.

For more information about anything from new tyres to wheel balancing in Sittingbourne, call Steve’s Tyre Bay on 01795 421 700.