Tyre Fitters in Rainham | How Tread Depth Affects Grip

When tyre fitters fit your new tyres, they come with a tread depth of approximately 8mm. Of course, this provides exceptional grip and driving performance on the roads of Rainham and the surrounding areas. As the miles clock up, however, tread depth wears down. It remains vital that you monitor your tyres’ tread depths to ensure they don’t fall below the legal limit of 1.6mm. Ideally, you should replace them at 3mm, as performance drops significantly after this point.

Steve’s Tyre Bay covers everything from part-worn tyres to wheel balancing. With more than 35 years of experience behind us, we have a comprehensive understanding of wheels and tyres.

The law prevents motorists from running down their tyres for a good reason. Without adequate tread depth, tyres simply can’t grip the road as effectively. Below, we have taken a closer look at the risks drivers in Rainham and the neighbouring areas face when driving with inadequate grip.

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Increased Stopping Distances

Numerous studies have shown a link between a reduction in tyre tread depth and a deterioration in a tyre’s braking performance. In one specific test carried out by MIRA on hot rolled asphalt and smooth concrete surfaces, five different tread depths ranging from 6.7mm to 0.9mm were tested for speed, distance and time.

The results showed that, when a tread depth drops below 3mm, stopping distances increase significantly. At the legal minimum (1.6mm) it took vehicles 44.6% (smooth concrete) and 36.8% (hot rolled asphalt) longer to stop when compared with a tread depth of 6.7mm.

Whether you need to stop suddenly to avoid a pedestrian, an animal, a cyclist or another vehicle in the Rainham area, with less tread depth, you simply need more reaction time. Steve’s Tyre Bay has a complete range of new tyres and part-worn tyres to choose from to help keep you safe. Our tyre fitters also perform wheel balancing to help prolong optimal tyre performance.

Higher Risk of Aquaplaning

Any driver in Rainham or the surrounding areas who has experienced aquaplaning can confirm how dangerous and scary the experience is. It occurs when a layer of water builds up between the road surface and your tyres. This causes a lack of traction, stopping the driver from steering, braking or accelerating. Without restoring contact with the road swiftly, the risk of an accident remains high.

The likelihood of experiencing aquaplaning increases the more worn tread depths become. Treads play an essential role in dispersing surface water, allowing tyres to cut through it while maintaining contact with the road. Naturally, as your new tyres wear down, their ability to perform this role decreases, making them less resistant to aquaplaning.

In addition to tread depth, correct tyre inflation also helps to resist aquaplaning. Our tyre fitters can make sure your tyres are properly inflated whenever you visit us, be it for part-worn tyres, wheel balancing or any other service.

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