Based in Bobbing | Part-worn Tyres in Rochester, Chatham, Sittingbourne & the Surrounding Areas

Steve’s Tyre Bay provides an extensive range of part-worn tyres for motorists in Kent and Medway. Our huge stock includes premium, mid-range and budget options in numerous sizes. As such, we always find the perfect solution for domestic, commercial and industrial vehicles. We take pride in our reputation as a trusted supplier of safety-inspected, superior-quality part-worn tyres, so you receive a cost-effective solution with added peace of mind.

Based in Bobbing, our tyre fitters have earned a loyal customer base throughout the surrounding areas. Our unmatched reputation sees us welcome motorists from Chatham, Maidstone, Rainham, Rochester, Sittingbourne and all neighbouring locations.

Tyres represent the only part of your vehicle that comes into contact with the road surface, so they play a crucial role in road safety. Steering, cornering, acceleration and braking all rely on the contact area tyres have with the road, so it remains vital that your tyre fitters help you choose the most suitable and safest option.

Part-worn tyres supplied and fit by Steve’s Tyre Bay meet all existing laws and regulations. After salvaging tyres from our sister business, Bobbing Breaker’s Yard, we pass each one through rigorous testing to ensure it meets demanding criteria for resale.

Are you searching for tyre fitters with a proven track record for fully compliant part-worn tyres? Look no further than Steve’s Tyre Bay. Please call us on 01795 421 700 to discuss your requirements. For the ultimate convenience, you can also visit our eBay shop to view our range of tyres and other products online.

Whether you’re in local areas such as Bobbing and Sittingbourne or neighbouring locations like Chatham, Maidstone, Rainham and Rochester, we can help with any tyre or wheel-related query.

Lawful Part-worn Tyres

The sale of part-worn tyres that fail to meet specific principal requirements is a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act, specifically The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg.7). It also represents a serious safety risk to drivers, any passengers they have and other road users.

Like any reputable tyre fitters, we ensure our part-worn tyres fully comply with legal requirements defined by Trading Standards. As such our tyres:

  • Have an original tread at least 2mm deep around the entire circumference
  • Carry the mark “PART-WORN” (upper case letters) at least 4mm in height
  • Have an EC approval mark along with a load and speed capacity index
  • Have no cuts over 25mm in length or 10% of the tyre’s section width
  • Do not have internal or external tears, lumps or bulges
  • Do not have any unrepaired penetration damage
  • Do not have any exposed cords or plies
  • Pass inflation tests prior to sale

Our company prides itself on our long trading history and impressive local reputation. Our tyre fitters always put customer satisfaction and safety first, an approach that has led to us becoming the trusted choice for part-worn tyres in Chatham, Maidstone, Rainham, Rochester, Sittingbourne and throughout the surrounding areas.

If you require part-worn tyres for a private or business vehicle, call us on 01795 421 700. We welcome motorists from Sittingbourne, Maidstone, Rochester and the surrounding areas.